A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

(All that glistens is not gold)

Help the heroes of the Multiverse to escape from Axiom, the highest security prison in the galaxy, where all the rebels and enemies of the Empire are locked, never to be seen again.

We are a team of three (Adrià Najar, Marc Pagès, Gonzalo Perez de la Ossa). Despite the two week timeframe, we've attempted to implement a full game workflow, from UI to asset creation and gameplay.

This project was developed for the GameDevTV 2021 Game Jam, with the topic "All that glistens is not gold". The topic is important. :)

Install instructions

Best enjoyed at FullHD.


Axiom Escape v1.0 - WIN.zip 69 MB
Axiom Escape v1.0 - MAC.zip 79 MB
source_code v1.0.zip 64 MB


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It’s nice and polished graphics one, well made.

Well done…

Show post...

wtf?    troll game ? very short game hahahah

It was an entry to a game jam with the theme "All that glitters is not gold"... ;)

...Is this supposed to be a joke? Because it's not funny.

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Definitely a joke entry, and I think it is funny! But you have to consider the theme of the Game Jam (otherwise, yeah, not much). See the comments here: https://itch.io/jam/gamedevtv-game-jam-2021/rate/1067182

...Ok, I do get the joke now, though I still don't think it's funny...

Fair enough. :)