Morph Wars

In a desolate moon of a remote star system, two mechanised armies fight in an endless war for supremacy. Can you anticipate the enemy's movements and lead your troops to victory?


PLEASE NOTE! We're still ironing out the multiplayer matching. Sometimes it doesn't work, our apologies, we're working on making it stable.


This game was a submission to One Game A Month #5 with the theme Shapeshift, and was developed during the second half of October '21.

How to play

You control the golden army. You have three types of units: Fire (red), Water (blue) and Plant (green).

Your units will spawn automatically from your base, and head directly towards the enemy base. But so will your enemies units. When units meet in the battlefield, they will attack only a specific type of unit:

  • Fire beats plant
  • Plant beats water
  • Water beats fire

Your job is to strategically morph your units between the three types, to gain strategical advantage. Good luck commander!

NOTE: This is a multiplayer game, you'll need a partner to play! Both player need to click 'Play', and they will be matched up automatically.


  • Click a unit to select it
  • Press 1, 2 or 3 to select the desired unit type:
    • 1: Fire
    • 2: Water
    • 3: Plant

Development team


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