One Shot Ball

Shoot the ball to reach the exit. Can you beat all levels?

This is a prototype developed for the August '21 One Game a Month game jam. I didn't have much time this month, so the end result is a bit crude (i.e. placeholder models, and very little polish). In the end I had to choose between creating a few more levels or making it prettier, and opted for the former. :)

How to play

The game starts with some tutorial levels, here are the keys for reference anyway:

  • Left/Right arrows - aim. Use Shift for fine-aiming
  • Space (hold then release) - shoot
  • C - camera mode. While in camera mode you can't control the ball, instead:
    • Left/Right/Up/Down arrows - move the camera
    • A/Z - zoom in and out
    • C - exit camera mode

To quit during play, you'll have to exit directly (MAC: Cmd + Q, Win: Alt + F4), sorry about that (ran out of time in the end).

Development team


I've used a few free assets, thanks heaps to all the authors for their generosity:




Download 48 MB
Download 57 MB


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The game is super-fun to play, I like the music, the levels and the mechanics :) Great job!!

Thx! It was fun to develop too. :)