Time Quest

You've returned to your village only to find time has been frozen, and the Time Crystal has been stolen! Only you can recover it, by embarking on an underground adventure full of deadly traps. Can you fly through the 12 levels to recover the Time Crystal?

This is my first game, and my fist submission to a Game Jam (thanks to GameDev.tv!). I'm a beginner developer, this has been a challenging month, but a very exciting one! I've learnt heaps, had a lot of fun, obsessed a fair bit, and succeeded at completing and submitting the game. I hope you like it! If you try it out and feel like giving me some feedback:

  • What was hard?
  • What was the most fun?
  • What would you change?
  • Did you make it to the last part of level 12? Totally worth it! :)
  • ...

How to play

  • Left/right arrow keys: rotate the fairy
  • Space: fly
  • Escape: pause game

Some of my testers complain that it's a bit hard to play. While this is a skill-based game and its supposed to be a bit challenging, I've chosen to publish with two cheat codes, for those who find it too difficult:

  • G: toggles God mode onf/off (invincible), but brings bad karma. ;)
  • L: skip to next Level

Source code

This project is released under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Please contact me before using any of the assets, including models, SFX and music.

You can download the source-code from here:



Programming, level design, SFX and music are mine, so much work! But so much fun too. Btw, I'm a composer, if you want to check more of my music you can visit http://dense13.com/music . And get the soundtrack for this game at http://dense13.com/post/time-quest-music/

Thanks to Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson for their Unity 3D course, this project evolved out of their Project Booster section.

Credits to DreamLevel for the particle effects (DL Fantasy RPG Effects), Hedgehog Team for the Skybox, and Demigiant for the DOTween library.

Many thanks to Astrid, Albert, Marc, Glenn, James, Ray, María and Olga for helping with SFX, testing and feedback.

Very special thanks to Rut Bisbe (https://rutbisbe.cat/) for the very funky model of the fairy!

A note on performance

Some of the testers reported the movement of the fairy not being very responsive (despite being a very simple game!). It runs very smoothly on my 8-year old Mac. My suspicion is that it doesn't work so well without a dedicated graphics card (mine is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1GB, so nothing fancy is required).

Being a beginner, I didn't know how to optimize performance very well. I tried a bit with lightmap baking, but I ran into multiple problems that I didn't have the knowledge nor the time to work out. So I've published it as is, but with the Unity launcher included, so you can at least adjust the resolution/quality, should you have performance issues. Btw, any tips on how to go about optimization will be most than welcome!

Install instructions

If you download the Mac version, it might complain about being from an unauthorized developer. In that case, you have to open the .app file by Control + Right click.


TimeQuest v1.0 (MAC).zip 43 MB
TimeQuest v1.0 (WIN).zip 43 MB

Development log


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Fun game, and pretty high difficulty with a lot of patience required to succeed! My legit gameplay got me as far as the 5th stage and then I struggled a lot with the very fine controlling required to resume through the multiple tight gaps. Which were hard to fully judge based on those cursed 3D angles! - that said, the glow did help on defining how close one was, but couldn't tell on the sides we couldn't see based on the camera.
I did try out the stages after with the skip button, and thanks for the experience! Next thing to practice might be a bit of difficulty balancing  as it felt it got a little steep a little fast :) Well done on your project! 

Thanks! High difficulty and the 3D distortion on the sides of the camera seem to be the two main complaints, I'll have to look into that for future versions. I thought the 3D aspect was interesting, since the movement is really 2D. This was the 3D become more meaningful for the gameplay, but it seems to frustrate players more than attract. :)


Game is really good, music is cool, its impossible to control player (for me at least). You done pretty great job making rage game! 

Yeah, many people say it's too hard to control. I didn't think that while developing (for me it's not), but definitely something I'll have to look into.