Temple Of Darkness launched! (v0.1)

I originally created Temple Of Darkness as an entry for a game jam (One Game A Month). But since I both ran out of time to add all the features I wanted, and I really enjoyed working on it, I've decided to move this one a bit further. This was a good opportunity to explore Itch.io's devlogs, so here I am. :)

Not much to add here, go to the game page and give it a go. And if you like it, or don't like it, or want to share anything about it, please leave a comment. I'm particularly curious/interested in:

  • What was the best aspect? What was the worst?
  • How did the movement feel?
  • What new features would you enjoy?

Future plans

My intention for the near future is to add a few more things:

  • Add more enemies, especially new types (ranged attack? Flying?)
  • Add more weapons, and potentially a new mechanic for them (with ammo, and weapon switching)
  • Add a menu, including quality settings (right now accessible as shortcuts) and control settings (especially mouse sensitivity)
  • ... (tons of possibilities here)

I'm open to ideas, please shoot! ;)


TempleOfDarkness_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Sep 28, 2021
TempleOfDarkness_WIN v0.1.zip 37 MB
Sep 28, 2021
TempleOfDarkness_MAC v0.1.zip 46 MB
Sep 28, 2021

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