Temple Of Darkness

Can you survive the hordes of the Undead, while making sure you keep the Light alive? Collect light orbs and weapons, dodge enemies and find the broken amulets to escape the Temple Of Darkness.


PLEASE NOTE! You can run the game directly in the browser, but I strongly recommend that you download the native Win/Mac version (download links towards the bottom of the page).


This game was originally developed during the month of September, 2021, as an entry to One Game A Month #4. The theme of the game jam was Going Dark. I took a very literal approach to it, and filled it with blood thirsty skeletons.

Since then, I've continued to work on this project on and off, to add more weapons and enemies, and polished/improved various aspects. My TODO list is not empty, but I've decided to wrap it up for now, here you find the final version. Enjoy!


  • A,W,S,D to move
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot
  • Space to jump
  • Left shift to sprint

You can also adjust screen resolution, graphic quality, and mouse sensitivity in the menu options.

Development team

This is the second collaboration with Sarah (see also One Shot Ball). I wanted to give the game an old-school FPS feel, sort of a tribute to the original Doom. Sarah's music totally fits this intention. :)


All models, SFX and VFX are free resources found online. This game would not exist without the generosity of the authors. Special thanks to ImageParSeconde for the fantastic models of the enemies and the weapons.






This game is dedicated to Vroomer, in memory of the endless and priceless hours of enjoying and reinventing Doom together.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Skeletons, undead


TempleOfDarkness (MAC) 127 MB
TempleOfDarkness (WIN) 117 MB

Install instructions

Play online, or download the Windows or Mac versions. Let me know if you have any issues running it.

Development log


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Cool game. But difficult to play with an azerty keyboard.
It is like having Q Z S D to move for you. ( if you have a qwerty one ) :-)
In order to make it playable with an azerty keyboard, you could just check "Use Physical Keys" in the project settings of unity ( section input manager ) and all will be happy ;-)

Thanks, I'll try that!

also when we die not to start again from the beginning, I have rage quit because of the mobs which prevented me from taking the fragment because of the collision which blocks me above them.

I like your game but is it possible to change the keyboard controls? I am French and I have an AZERTY keyboard and not QWERTY

J'ai le même problème, et puis je me suis souvenu que l'on peut basculer le clavier en mode anglais ;-)

oui aussi ^^

it's cool   !

Pretty darn enjoyable for a month's work 👍

Thanks! Stay tuned, I'll definitely expand on this one (at the very least, more enemy variety)